Partnering with Us

Helping others with dignity based programs rather than creating dependencies the hallmark of our ministry. Here are ten ways to partner with us:

  1. $15 buys one bottle of multi-vitamins
  2. $40 supplies a 100 pound sack of rice for educationally based feeding programs
  3. $550 supplies a fishing boat for livelihood for one family
  4. $90 pays for shipping of a box of books/clothing
  5. $110 provides a permanent water filter for a family
  6. $110 a month provides a college scholarship
  7. $200 gives start-up capital for livelihood projects
  8. You can collect and ship children’s books/children’s clothing
  9. You can collect and ship theological type books for libraries for pastors
  10. $350 provides livelihood for a family by using a bicycle taxi

You are welcome to come visit the ministries. We love visitors!!